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Window Display
Papermache doll

Welcome to our little shop that does so much - we make art, puppets and ceramics,

plus the best little window displays in town.

Paintings, drawing, prints

In the Press

WOW finalist, Anderton admits at times it has been challenging. "As soon as you put a garment on a human things change and as soon as they start moving it changes again," Anderton says. "Costuming is like that - turning the one dimensional into three. Then the choreography comes into it and suddenly the costume is behaving in a way you didn't originally envisage it would so you have to change that."



"Living in Whanganui and being involved in a vibrant and edgy arts community is extremely important to our practice," Leigh says. "Whanganui offers a real opportunity for all art practitioners to be supported, and with the unique setup at Space Studio and Gallery in which we have exhibited on a number of occasions now, artists are offered real opportunities to trial new ideas resulting in artists and their range of art practices being challenged."

Sarah Williams,

who are the two sisiters?

This is the place where we tell you a bit about us.

Twosistersmake developed from weekly phone calls between, two sisters - Leigh Anderton-Hall and Cathie Anderton. Both have spent the entire lives making art, objects and things. Leigh is  a successful art maker and educator working at the local polytechnic.  

Cathie has worked in wardrobe and props departments for NZ film companies. She has been awarded two prizes in the World of Wearable show, for her creations.


Both sisters have always made things for gifts and knew that other people would like these things as well

News & Events

Every Saturday this September, that's 5 Saturdays this spring. We are have a sale. Up to 50% off most items.

September Spring Sale

New Vases

This spring window will also showcase new vases made by Leigh Anderton-Hall.


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